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Here are just some of the testimonials I have received from the wonderful people I have worked with. I am so grateful to have met them all.

Mary is excellent at what she does. she is a great motivator and helps you find your inner self. her program builds self-confidence and helps you think more positive about yourself overall improving mental health. would definitely recommend Mary and her workshops. Fiona M.

I would highly recommend Mary from YANA to anyone looking for a life coach. I completed a session of life coaching and also a happiness workshop with Mary. She is not only great at her job but is also a lovely person who you instantly feel comfortable with. I found it very easy to open up with her. You feel like you’re talking to a friend as she is sharing her experiences also. I have gained so much from Mary’s service, such as making positive changes in my life, an increase in my self-confidence, belief in myself and my abilities, stepping out of my comfort zone, setting new goals, giving me more focus about what I want out of life, appreciating all that I have in life..I think everyone would benefit from some form of life coaching. Highly recommend YANA. Tina D.

My husband recently had a coaching session with Mary here is what he had to say……..” Mary is an excellent life coach & is easy to relate to. She helped me clarify my goals and motivated me to take the next steps in my career. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone seeking Clarity and direction in life” Aoife H.

Mary has facilitated 2 six week programmes to groups in Southend Family Resource Centre. The content was amazing and all the participates got so much out of it. Mary is a total pleasure to work with. and I look forward to working with her again…Siobhan H.

Mary is very encouraging and fills you with confidence. I feel she can help people overcome any hurdle life throws, at both young and older people no matter how small. For me, she helped tremendously with presentations in college and handling exam stress. A real mammy figure ! Bronagh ‘O C.

I met Mary during a very dark time in my life and she honestly was the one to help me turn my life completely around. I have changed my mindset on things, learned a lot about myself and I now view the world in a different perspective. Mary has supported me while I have achieved my goals. I am a very different person now compared to the person I was when she first met me. She has been my cheerleader from the side-lines. Mary is person centred, kind and compassionate. More like a friend than a coach. She is real and relates to how you are feeling and your experiences. I would highly recommend for anyone to see Mary if they need some guidance. Thank you for everything Mary, you are an angel in disguise x N ‘O B

Mary is a very good life coach. She listens very attentively and helps her clients build confidence. She helps them to keep moving forward. She’s an inspiration. I would highly recommend her. Aishling K.

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