Hi. I am Mary from YANA Life coach service. Welcome to my blog

Wow, I am sitting here shaking. I have taken yet another step outside of my comfort zone to write this.

I am an accredited Life Coach and am a work in constant progress. A little about myself perhaps, well I suffered with low self esteem and little confidence for many years. Life had thrown me a few punches and I was knocked down for quite awhile. I won’t bore you with the details or maybe I will at times when I write here, but only ever to let you know You Are Not Alone as my business name YANA stands for.

I became a Life coach in 2016 and boy was that when I came alive and life kicked started again. I learned so much about myself, how resilient I am. I learned to love and trust myself again. I learned that staying in that place we call our comfort zone was not so comfortable. I became confident again.

My greatest joy in life apart from my wonderful family and friends is to help others to find themselves and to see for themselves how resilient, rescourseful, strong, and wonderful they are. To see them achieve their goals. To watch them as they become aware of what they are truly capable of when they take that first step and then the next out of that so called comfort zone.

I hope my blogs will inspire you, I hope you will find quality reading although I am not a writer but I am going to do it anyway. As the title of Susan Jeffers book says, Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Never mind the words "One giant step for mankind" This is one giant step for Mary of Yana Life coach service.