This is a question I pulled from the Empowering Questions deck of cards by

What is my gift to the world?

So my question to you the reader is What is your gift to the world?.

Each and everyone of us have a purpose, some of us know what that purpose is and more of us have never stopped long enough to ask ourself what is our purpose or gift we would like to share with the world.

I must say that at first I was unsure how to answer this. So I just relaxed and though honestly. Here are my thoughts on what my gift is…..

I like to think that I always leave people feeling good about themselves. I am kind and compassionate, loving, interested in other people’s issues and trying to help them though these issues whatever they may be. I am not judge-mental, so I never look down my nose at others and I am not at all interested in gossip. A great quote from one of my dad’s friends is “We have enough to be doing minding our own business without minding others”. I really love this quote as it sums up exactly how I feel about gossip.

I became a Life coach so I could help people to become confident, help with their self-esteem, help them to change any negative thoughts they may be holding on to, and generally helping them to believe that they can do anything they set their mind to assuming they want it bad enough. To step outside of their comfort zone and become the best version of themselves.

So I guess to sum it up, my gift to the world is, I am always there for anyone who needs an ear, for anyone who needs help in anyway, for anyone who wants to feel better about themselves and to tell people to just be your own authentic self. You are special whether you believe it or not. Like snowflakes there is not one other person in this entire world the same as you. Enjoy being unique. So, my question now to you is What is your gift to the world?”

Take your time and just answer this question honestly and be proud of what you decide your gift is, because we all leave an imprint on this world.

This is proved at any funeral I have ever been to. It is just sad that all of the wonderful things said about us when we die are not verbalised when we are alive. A kind word, a compliment, acknowledgement for achievements we have had, all of these beautiful words are wasted on us when we die. We need to hear them when we are alive. Start with yourself, think about the person you are and share this with the world.

So again I ask “What is your gift to the world”?