I was standing in a queue awhile ago and I overheard two ladies talking. One lady said to the other, “fair play to …………………. (they were talking about another person) She has achieved so much. I would love to be like her but…”

This got me thinking about how powerful one tiny word “BUT” can be.

“B, U, T” 3 letters that make up one small word which can make a huge difference to how we live our lives.

This word causes us to bring a negative mindset to the fore.

Ask yourself thisquestion. How many times over your life to date have you said the same thing as this lady?

I would love to be like him/her but……………

I would love to have achieved that BUT …………………

BUT what?

But I am not good enough

But I am not smart enough

But I am too old

But I am not confident enough

But I would not have the money to do that

But I did not finish school /college

But I was not born to a rich family

But I have had to put others before myself

I am sure there are many other reasons to say BUT.

What has this 3-letter word done? It has taken us from any kind of a positive mindset we may have been in, into a negative one.

It has held you back. It is a million excuses why you are still where you are. YES…excuses!!!!!!!

Now this is perfectly fine if you are happy where you are, BUT do not look back in years to come regretting what might have been and having let three letters, one tiny word stop you from fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Each time you feel a but coming on, ask yourself are these thoughts true? Is there any reality to them?

Stop and analyse your BUT. Change this word to two equally short words and a more positive way of looking at things. Say “I CAN” and mean it. Then get out there and visualise how you CAN achieve your goal. What options do you have? What resources might you need to get you there?
Choose the option you are happy with and put an action plan in place to get you to your desired goal and then ACT. It really is as simple as that.

And if all else fails, give me a call and we can get you there together.

Remember these words if you are having any self doubt


You are never too old, and it is never too late to achieve anything you set your mind to.